Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Digimon Adventure episode 49 RELEASED!!

Here is another fresh release from us!

In the episode 48 release post, i forgot to mention that I choose mp4, because that way you can watch the episodes from Playstation 3 & Xbox 360!!! The episodes are tested in PS3, so i guess 360 can play them too.

Before I type the torrent link, let me encourage everyone to leave comments here , because we want to know what everyone thinks about our releases :) ! Or just use our e-mail :
So we wait for your comments!! What do you like or What you don't like in our releases!

Without any further delay, here is the link for Digimon Adventure Episode 49 torrent


  1. hmm...guess i'll comment. first of all, do note that i'm very thankful for the releases, so this comment is by no means to bash you guys. but i'm having issues with the translation, which feels kinda off sometimes. and also i find the font used in the subtitle to be quite hard to read, so i suggest changing to a more formal looking-font, maybe? also, the right usage of punctuations help a lot to improve the quality of the script...

    -for a better quality-

  2. i havent watched the episode yet but i do hope you guys sub the remaining episodes (50-52). good job btw.

  3. until 54.

  4. OMG I LOVE YOU. lol
    I've been looking for people to finish Digimon Adventure forever. XD
    Hopefully you'll do Zero 2 as well.

  5. Just wanted to repost after watching the episode.

    I think the translations is fine. Sure, sometimes there might be little things that could've been interpreted differently, but overall it's great.

    I love the font! It's very clear. I don't know how you could not understand what's being said. Although I do admit the font used at the beginning for the narrator is a little hard to read.

    Props for the opening! I LOVED IT! Follows the music perfectly.

    Overall: I adore your subbing, keep up the good work, and I hope to follow you onto season 2! If you need any help with anything, just say the word! n__n

  6. Thanks everyone who post a comment! Our target is to please the fans, so it was a matter of time to ask what's good or bad in our work.

    The translation i think is at a good level since we put a great amount of effort to translate exactly what the characters say (Digimon Analyzer seiyuu talks pretty fast >_<). If there are some errors to point out please send us an e-mail with the wrong translation and the right one below.

    Lets move to the font issue now. The comments (here and in other forums) are kinda mixed. Some people find it easy to read and pretty, and some others couldn't read it easily. Maybe the blue bold stroke around the letters make some people to be annoyed, thats why before we release episode 50 i'll upload some samples for other font options, and i'll make a poll for it. Stay tuned for it ;) (i personally love the main font xD )

    katoo89, I'm amazed that you liked the opening :p It has a simple karaoke without any sfx to make it flashy! The only flashy in the opening is the logo :D I guess we will do a karaoke for the ending song too xD

    As for our future projects, some things are still unknown! We already have the original DVD's for the movies, so expect great video quality with better translations for the first 5 movies at least!

    Thanks again, mibuchiha and katoo89 for your comments for our releases! Also thanks to everyone who comment and encourage us to continue with that project with their comments :)

  7. @madaomon: yeah, you got what about the font that was kinda annoying the hell out of me. and about the translation, i'm by no means saying it's wrong, it just feels kinda "off"...perhaps more needs to be put in the editing department? ah, i don't mean you need to do localisation, since that sucks. the OP and ED...well, karaoke is not a must, so ok. ah, one more suggestion. care to translate what's written in the digimon analyser, and others? i can read 'em, but for those who can't, and for completion sake...

  8. I have yet to watch either ep (although I downloaded them straight away when I found them!) but I thank you SO SO much! No fansubber seems to complete the first three seasons without waiting years (I remember downloading 02 subs going allll the way back to 03... and yeah it's STILL not done! >_<)

    So much appreciation on SOME fans that are still floating around to take on and COMPLETE this project! And if one this is done if you ever tackled 02 and Tamers... wow then you guys are on a roll! Trust me many of us fans still exist! >_<

  9. I would have to agree with Stock. Many of us fans are alive and kicking, and I for one, am very grateful that you decided to pick up this season to complete it. If you ever start 02, you have my full support and thanks!

  10. I haven't watched the episodes yet, since I can't use download the torrent while I'm at school, but I love that you've picked this up and I'm really, really happy that it doesn't seem like you've abandoned it (right?). Thanks a plenty :D

  11. wow!!! i'm so lucky! i just finished watching episode 47 and heard talks that 48 - 54 r missing. while others searched for 3 years, i searched for 3 days and found ur site! i'm so grateful to u! i've downloaded both and watched epi 48 already. great work with your subbing! i do agree with mibuchiha that the subs r kinda "off" though but on the other hand, ur effort to research and tranlate deserves lots of credit. if it was simple, we fans would have already done the tranlating so GREAT WORK!

    i have a few requests that will make ur videos more terrific. hope u can oblige it.

    1) would you tranlate the japanese words like the digimon analyser scene and others throughout the video when it apppears?

    2) if it's possible, maybe when the digimons are calling out their attacks like mega flame or petit fire, on the subs, you could make the words bigger and shake like in one piece when luffy call out goma goma punch. that would be so cool!

    i guarantee we fans would love it and be even more grateful to u.

  12. hi again, u know what, i watched epi 48 again and this time, i didnt find that ur subs are off. anyway, regarding on the topic that the font you used is bad, well, i don't think it is. in fact, i think that it looks professional like those official subbers. cheers~ =)