Friday, July 3, 2009

Digimon Updates!


Exams are over and i guess we can make a status update :3

Well, DVD rips for Digimon Movies 1-2 are ready and the sub timing is on the way! Translations are on the way too :p

Digimon Adventure Zero Two 22:
Awesome Karaoke: Checked
Best Choices on Encoding/Filters: Checked
Translation: Checked
Timing: Pretty much finished

Thanks Everyone for the votes on the poll :p


  1. hi ^.^
    first off:
    i'm really gratefull that you guys're resuming this project O.O
    arigatooooou gozaimaaaasu!!!!! ><

    and in addition, i'd offer my help (if you want/allow me only of course)
    since i'm really looking forward to the releases!

    since i've subbed few openings, endings, and a few anime episodes (soul eater) by myself, i could pretty much help wioth anything exept for the translating (well and i can't do any karaoke effects with 3-d effects :( )

    well anyways, if i could be of any help, please contact me :

    yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

  2. akoma re padia na bgalete release perimenoume kairo...